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We deliver the lubricant ordered to your premises based on individual agreement, depending on the quantity of goods ordered. For more details, please contact our staff at the addresses, telephone numbers or even in writing at the contact menu.

Fluid management

In today's fiercely competitive market, more and more companies and businesses are realising that in order to achieve success, they need to focus on their core business and entrust the additional tasks that are essential for smooth operation to an expert partner. 

The selection, management and optimisation of the optimal industrial lubricants, the cooling and lubricating fluids (CLFs) that are important to the production process and the quality of the final product, are essential for the smooth and continuous operation of a business. Leave it to our specialists to carry out these important day-to-day tasks professionally, taking the worry off your shoulders with full service, so that you can focus your valuable time on other important issues. Our service includes the selection of the necessary coolants, the supply and application of bactericidal-fungicidal additives, system cleaning chemicals and other additives, the management of coolant supply systems, the taking of the necessary measurements, expert advice and the training of your staff.

How can you benefit from this service?
  • You can save time and focus your attention elsewhere,
  • you can be sure that production will continue and maintenance will run smoothly,
  • you can delegate critical but non-core tasks to a specialist, thus transferring responsibility,
  • you can use the right coolants for your production conditions
  • you can be sure that your CLF system is under constant and regular supervision,
  • fast and professional technical assistance
Insight into fluid servicing:
  • Our staff regularly refills systems with emulsion according to specifications, adjust the required concentrations,
  • Regular visits are made to carry out any necessary biocide or other additive treatments,
  • when emulsions are changed, clean the tanks, mix in and refill with new emulsion,
  • take regular samples of emulsion systems and, in the event of deviations, intervene and correct the system,
  • detect and eliminate the cause of any anomalies indicated by production. 


  • Plant Audits. An on-site review of lubricant-related activities at the custormer's site, highlighting problems and areas where improvements can be made as well as savings for the customer..
  • Lubrication surveys. As a result of the survey, the buyer receives a recommendation that will help him/her to purchase and use the lubricants needed for his/her equipment or vehicles.
  • Product recommendations. Simple technical advice, a service provided to the buyer by the technical adviser in the office or by our staff on site. This service helps our customers to select the right Shell product for their lubricant application. 
  • Lubricant storage and handling advice.


LubeAnalyst is our oil condition monitoring service that gives our customers the opportunity to have the oil samples taken from their equipment or vehicle tested. For the customer, this is important information about the condition of the equipment and the lubricant, as it highlights potential  problems and their possible causes.


The brand name LubeCoach is used to describe the on-site technical training and technical support provided to customers on lubricants.


The brand name LubeExpert is used to describe the technical support, repair advice for critical applications and monitoring services provided by our application specialists. 


LubeMatch is our web-based lubricant recommendation tool designed to complement our technical information service. It is designed to provide a service that allows customers to search for our products that match their specifications and applications.


Third party services, which include, for example, the collection of used oil and the collection of empty lubricant bottles and drums. 

Lorie Ltd places great emphasis on environmental protection. We provide free disposal of used oil up to the amount of lubricant purchased from our company. To request this service, please fill in the order form in the forms section and return it to us. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the contact details provided.